Who would’ve thought that we’ll meet in my little brain’s dump site where I can write everything random about myself and whatever garbage I have in mind that I can express with a horrible usage of vocabulary in English, I am sorry in advance for the Grammar police out there.

In this site, I will put something “useful” , “personal”, or real random stuff that I will just dislike over the years. I also like to wander around and ask those “useless” questions in this blog, and “try to discover” it in the future. (Not like it will be possible.)

Okay, okay, I kid.

But my future ghosts will only read this anyway and forget that I have a blog to clear my own mind for. (Is there a mistake from this sentence? I really suck at learning this language.)

Hope we meet in Booksie! (Though I can only show you my incompetence as a “writer” there.)

Sorry for that random rambling right there. Surely, you can just skip those sentences above, I hate it when you have to waste your time over this site.

Well, I hope you had fun reading those, and a great year for everyone around you.

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